Single Vineyard - Clare Valley


Single Vineyard – Estate Grown


The vines were planted in 2000 and are tended to by ‘The Lone Kiwi’ himself, Tim Ruddenklau. The vineyard was originally mapped out with the help of well known and respected local viticulturalist George Finn.

Over the years, the area George allocated for each of the different varieties, Riesling and Cabernet Sauvignon, has proved to be extremely accurate with the different soil conditions perfect for each variety.

Cool nights – Warm summer days


The climate in the Clare Valley is moderately continental, with cool nights and warm to hot days in Summer.

The vineyard sits at a high altitude of approximately 600 metres above sea level, therefore even during the heat of Summer, the high altitude ensures relatively cool nights, allowing the fruit to ripen slowly and evenly.

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